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@Linea- Unless my eyes deceive me that boat is custom made, mainly out of bits from the guns section of Items- Right plus what I believe is a blade for the main body. All of which is pretty impressive when you look at it.

One thing I will say though Mav is you should look at the boarders of your picture, the background items are all sized differently. It’s very slight I’ll admit and, if you made it so only the sky section was bigger than the sea and not the land section, it could look like a very cool stylistic choice, but at the moment it just looks like you didn’t notice where the bits ended. Try masking the land to the sky  or just shifting it left by 2 clicks. Other than that, the colour is very nice, actually quite calming which is ironic considering the subject matter, the way you did the smoke from the ship is clever and obviously I’m very impressed by how you made the ship. It’s a shame I only talk through the COTW rather than the Also Awesome’s because I think a few people could learn a few bits from how you made the ship.

EDIT: Obviously my reply to Linea is moot now because of the reply above. I should try not to be so long winded.