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Wow!!! These are awesome, I love ’em. Thanks everyone for taking the time and for sharing. It is cool to see each of your individual styles come through on these. This really made my day.

I love how strong this guy looks. Looks like he has zero body fat. I’m also particualrly taken aback by the boots and the vibrant/glowing red you used. He looks very futuristic to me. I like the bigger maple leaf on his chest and what you did with the highlighting and shadows on the cape. I haven’t been able to work with capes before to get anything like this. This is really good hawk.

, by all means, anytime you want to jump in, I’m more than happy to hear from you. I like your design, the chiseled chin and face is great. I like the costuming as well. The black lines and shirt collar ties the uniform in better with the black pants than my original. I also like what you did with the maple leaf adding the white outline at the top and make it glow bright red. I like the change in belt choice as well. Well done sir.

glad you weighed in as well. I like what you’ve done with this. I like the shield with the maple leaf int he crest and with red as being the dominant colour. I love the modernized costume and the boots. The mask looks way better than the one I was working with as well and I like the addition of the maple leaf on the mask. Good stuff.

Thanks again guys, that was a lot of fun and much appreciated! These revisions show me different methods and styles and designs that have me feeling inspired to try to incorporate into my future designs.

All the best.