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Thank you Vampyrist and Vryonthyll! I’m really happy with that one, she really brings out the fierceness and power I wanted.

Anyways- CDC- Getting Clerical (and upping the personal ante on creations)

T’relan- Shaman and follower of the Dark Beast Kar’vel (the god of fear). He wears the wolf pelt and medallion, and carries a sacred sacrificial knife. Kar’vel is the consort of the goddess of chaos and destruction, and the shaman’s mask and the tattoos deeply carved into his flesh honor her power. He is shown traversing the Nightmare Plane, home of the Dark Deities. His god and goddess granted him great power in the mundane world, he is able to destroy enemies and give power and healing to allies with ease. He is also skilled in alchemical experiments, which he hopes to use in conjunction with his magic to destroy the champions of the light gods once and for all.

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