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Fractal, once called Rogue-Fractal.exe, is a volatile universe-shaping creature that used to be a computer worm before the worm was exposed to an exotic particle leakage between two colliding dimensions. She transferred her coding to a dormant android and proceeded to wreak havoc on her homeworld before venturing off into other dimensions. She is the tangible manifestation of space-filling curves and feedback loops, and she is slowly starting to find other entities like herself. These beings include manifestations of various mathematical equations, as well as aspects of particle physics. The ones that represent particle physics are the ones Fractal doesn’t really get along with, since she has no concept of rationality, morality, or the laws of physics.
A little while back she ran into an entity that represents the behavior of particle collision, a fellow by the name of Hadron. He was experimenting with collision-y stuff and started throwing a couple of dimensions against each other to see what would happen. Imagine his surprise when he met Fractal, the volatile byproduct of one of those collision experiments.
She tried to hang out with him a little bit out of sheer curiosity, but then she tried to compress his native dimension into a series of self-similar iterations and he had to kick her out.
Despite her transformation into her current almost supernatural state of existence, Fractal still maintains many of the characteristics of a virus. Her virus coding insists that she execute permanent digital system blackouts or any suitable equivalent in the economies and civilizations she encounters, and she has no problem with expanding the fractal iterations of her existence by consuming other entities. Her physical body represents her volatile nature, and she seems to put a considerable effort into cultivating her deranged appearance. That, or her looks are just a byproduct of a continuous feedback loop of destructive behavior.
Original character didn’t have the hat or the blunt weapon/hat ornament, but I think she looks a little more unstable now because of it.