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By The Power Of Ra

in an ancient world before time began nothing existed except for watery chaos called Nun, emerging from these waters was the God who would create everything & everyone Ra.

Ra was an all powerful God Of the sun and he could take any form, the secret to his power lay deep down in his heart. After rising from Nun Ra created his first Child and called him Shu the God of wind and air, Ra then created his first daughter and called her Tefnut the Goddess of rain and moisture.

Shu and Tefnut eventually had there own children Geb who Ra named God of the earth and Nut who Ra named Goddess of the sky and by the power of Ra Egypt was created.

After this Ra created all things in Egypt last of all he created men and women, finally Ra transformed himself into a man and ruled as the first Pharaoh for thousands of years in this time he created more Gods & Goddesses to watch over Egypt, first Ra created a goddess to protect Upper Egypt called Sekhmet the goddess of war Ra then created Bastet the goddess of cats & protection to watch over Lower Egypt. The sun God Ra then thought to bring truth and justice to his people and created Ma’at, then came Thoth
the God of knowledge.
                                          (L)Sekhmet,(CF)Ma’at,(CB)Thoth, (R)Bastet

Being in the form of a man Ra slowly aged and became a old man he was told a prophecy that one day a child of he goddess Nut will take his place a Pharaoh, fearing that he will loose his throne Ra cured Nut so that she couldn’t have any children on any day of the year at that time there was only 360 days of the year, distraught Nut looked for help from the God of Knowledge Thoth. Thoth knew of a way he could help Nut he went to one of Ra’s grandchildren and son of Bastet Khonsu  God of the Moon who’s light rivals that of Ra’s, Thoth gambled with Khonsu and every time Khonsu lost he had to give the God of Knowledge some of his light, he lost so many times that Thoth had enough light to make five extra days in the year.

Nut rejoiced and gave birth to four children Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys spending the last of the five days celebrating, but soon Ra got word of Nut and her betrayal and ordered his son Shu who is also the father of Nut to keep her apart for Geb for the five days of he year she could have children on. Soon after Nut disobeying her grandfather the  Egyptians herd of this and began thinking the old man Ra was no longer mighty and powerful over time they stopped obeying him they didn’t fear him anymore his people laughed at him.

                                            Left – Right (Nephthys, Isis, Osiris & Set)

Ra was furious when he heard this and was even more angry that his people could do evil deeds to brake his laws so he called upon the first God  & Goddess he created Shu and Tefnut, they met at a secret palace of Ra’s which the people did not know about but as the Sun Gods first two children kneeled at his feet they had no answer to bring to there father, only a suggestion to speak with one of his other children Thoth the God of Knowledge but Ra did not trust his son after he helped Nut but he could not se any other answer. Ra order Shu and Tefnut to bring Thoth to him, Thoth came to his father aide and bestowed upon Ra the knowledge that Ra himself gave to his son

Thoth –
” My father the great Pharaoh, the creator of everything I bring the answer to your troubles here what I say”

Ra –

Thoth –
” when we the Gods & Goddess’s seek guidance, when our people of Egypt seek help they ask the one who created them”

Ra eminently knew what he had to do but first he forgave his son and sent him back to watch over his people.

Ra traveled back to his creator Nun and asked for the guidance he needs

Ra –
” Nun you who created me, look upon the men and women of Egypt the people I created see how they plot against me hear what they say of me, tell me what I should do as I will not destroy them until I hear you advise”

Nun –
“My Son Ra turn your mighty eye upon them show them your vengeance in the form your daughter  Sekhmet the fiercest of all goddesses.

Before Ra did this he remembered that the people where revolting against him because of the disobedience of his granddaughter Nut, so he made her four children gods and goddess’s all to help with what he wanted to do with his people. first he named Osiris the God of the underworld to help all the people who where about to die at the hands of Sekhmet get to the underworld, then he named Set the God of Chaos to bring chaos to the people that rebelled against him, Ra then names Isis the Goddess of Wisdom to make his people more wise as to why he is doing this then finally he named Nephthys Goddess of service so that she would help the Egyptian people bury the  many people that where about to die…………

Next Chapter to come  – The Goddess Of Vengeance