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I think I finally decided what I want to claim as my prize for the national heroes contest. A lover body part in a leaping pose like this. It obviously doesn’t need to have the detail/costume that this one has. Just the pose is fine….Although I’m undecided about whether or not feet should be included.

I hate to be a party pooper but this falls under my “No Alternate body part” rule (see first post in this thread). I will take it under consideration but if you can offer an alternate (no pun intended) option I sure would appreciate it.

Hey dblade, I just saw this reply. First of all, sorry about that. I somehow managed to forget about that rule. I know it’s been a while now but can I still claim an alternate prize?

Sorry to hijack your thread, I just saw this and though it’s not perfect I gave your legs a try, hope you can use them

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