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On entering  the keep, i found my self in the main hall.
Little more than a row of benches and a smooth wooden floor, it was filled by a  large forge that sat at the top of the room.
“Dice or Mills?”, Oskar asked as we sat by the forge, warming our self’s in the dull red glow.
With a clatter Veiakere unslung her sword, and stated sharpening it.
It was a long korinthian styled blade, some 42 pollex long, with teeth protruding from the blade on both sides at regularly space intervals.
The sight of it teeth made it  clear to me that this was a bowel ripper and that  the tales of there devastating wounds where well earnt.
A few rounds of dice had passed be twin us when Gunnhildr(the nybegynner) was carried inside the hall.
Uric lay her down on the table in front of the forge and takeing up the hammer, struck the anvil letting it ring out for all to hear.
Two armoured figures entered the hall from behind the forge, both clad in white robes, one held a incense burner and the other a large golden cup.
With a second strike from the hammer, four more armoured figures entered, this time in black robes.
Uric held the long silver chains that Gunnhildr had “hung” her self with aloft as he announced something. Both party’s started to have some kind of debate or argument, or maybe it was both.
After a few minutes Uric placed the chains down on the anvil and raising his sword cleaved them in half.
He held up both parts in front of them for a monument before casting them in to the forge.
The black robed ones gathered around the forge working intently on some thing, as the white one started to dress her in her armour.

From the neck down she was all most entirety encased in second body of cold, hard steel.

The leader of black cloaked pulled a white hot silver pin from out of the fire.

Holding the glowing pin aloft he waited as silence fell over the room, as all awaited some thing.

“I Take the path of steel.” Gunnhildr’s voice rang out clear and determined across the empty hall.

What happened next was fast, slipping a crude wooden bite in to her jaw, they surrounded her, holding her steady as the hammer struck home riveting the armour shut.