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Dude, if you don’t mind, I have a few suggestions for your newest pic, because I reckon if you made a few changes, you have something really special there.

Firstly, the background needs spicing up a bit, just flat grey is too dull. Try messing with some gradients and different shades of grey, maybe add some other mid-range dark colours as well. Also, add more clouds and make them darker and more ominous. That’s if you are going for a moody, rainy look (in which case add a rain effect as well), otherwise maybe look at some “burning” colours or “melancholy” colours, which would both give a different and more interesting mood.

Secondly, maybe add a bit more hair down at the bottom of where the hair ends. At the moment it ends a bit awkwardly, cresenting inwards, where as most peoples hair would end either straight or to a rough point. It’s not a major thing, but you might want to consider it.

Thirdly, change the colour of the part where the wings used to be. Yeah, I get you’ve done the blood (which looks great btw), but the part where the wings used to be would look red and raw after they had been ripped off.

Finally, if you want to, shading, but I think that would be a big job, so it would be if you want to. But some shading would really bring this pic out of its self. At the moment the whole thing is very flat, so unflatten it.

Apart from those few things, I love this. The pose, the hands grasped around the body, the head tilted down, it just shows so much emotion, despite the fact we can’t see the characters face. I’ve mentioned how I love the blood effect you’ve got, it looks very realistic. I also love how you’ve left a few feathers there, where the wings used to be, it really sells the fact that they’ve been removed, and forcefully at that. And then we come to the wings. You did a really good job with the effects on these, the burn marks especially are excellent.

If you were to go back and have a look at the things I said above, you’d have a really fantastic piece on your hands here and I hope you do. You’ve shown you can produce some special stuff, just go that extra mile on this and make something spectacular.