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Herr D

Hey-hey! After trial (pc dying of virus that baffled the computer guys) and tribulation (learning by error new software–in process,) I am ready to post the only pic I seem to be able to finish. Data recovery and ‘decryption’ (more on that later,) should be accomplished within the week.

The city folk turned out in droves to celebrate the first ever “Checkered Wyrm Fest” as the first one successfully drawn out of Checkered Pass to be slain by the local militia was butchered, barbecued, and descaled, not in universal order. The darker plates were enough to armor the rest of the new city wall, which was a great relief, since more than 100 oliphant’s hides were required to restrain the wyrm during its last set of death throes.




Breaking through science to access magic required some irritating paperwork and policy rewrites along the way . . .