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Blue Blazer

Alias: Freezerburn

Real Name: Sean O’Keefe

Genre: Supervillain

Powers/Special Skills: expert in thermochemistry

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: fire and ice gauntlets

Affiliations: Brainstorm Industries

Other Aliases: none

Status: at large


Sean was born in Dublin, Ireland and came to America with his parents when he was 9. His father became a dock worker and little Sean was thrust into an entirely new culture, often unable to have the things other kids had. He grew up resentful of his father and vowed he would never be poor like him. He excelled in school and earned a degree with honors in thermochemistry from Caligo State University. He then went to work as a lab technician at Brainstorm Industries, and quickly became head of the thermochemistry division, where he ingeniously invented both a super heat ray and an extreme cold ray. It defied what his colleagues believed, and he got an immense amount of recognition. So much, in fact, that his father, destitute and roaring drunk, who he had not seen in many years, came to him asking for money. Sean declined, and his father attacked him. Sean was forced to kill his father in self-defense, and the guilt that followed drove him insane. He stole the heat and freeze rays and made gauntlets out of them. Now, he has turned to a life of crime to support himself, using the alias Freezerburn to cover his tracks.