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Ok, two things leap out at me straight away. Firstly, shorten the cape, it’s way to long. Secondly, his right foot is all types of twisted, try using the foot that points down, that you’d otherwise use for floating characters. Other than that, well I don’t like the colour scheme (I hate that green), but it’s your character so you do you. I’m not really sure about the main body’s colour, is it meant to be either white or green? If it’s meant to be white then the green shouldn’t be there (or if you’re trying to go for a white with a green tint then the alpha setting on the green should be turned down to under 50% maybe less). If it’s meant to be green, maybe go into the custom colours tab and see if you can find a green in there that will work with that other green as a secondary colour.

But as for the shading/ highlighting, looks good. I like the right arm a lot, that really looks good. What I’d do to improve is go and add a bit of shade under the upper part of the left arm around the armpit down to the elbow, a little on the inner thigh (a bit more on the left than the right and make it slightly further back on the left, so it looks like the right leg is casting a shadow). And lastly, it might be an idea (though you might not want to do this) to add some sort of yellow reflection from the energy aura around the areas it covers, so arms and upper legs. You don’t have to do a huge amount, but it just shows the fact that they are giving off something and aren’t just in a vacuum, completely disconnected from the rest of the picture.