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Oh and it just so happens that the next thing to spill out of my brain is…well, me. Or rather my Creators Club character.

Anarchangel – Little Devil


Now I know what you’re all thinking. “That’s clearly a devil. How does that represent ‘Anarchangel’?” Well I tried playing off the Anarchy side of my name but that didn’t work. I tried playing off the Angel side of my name but that didn’t work either. But then I decided to go the exact opposite way (because why not?) and create a devil costume. My logic here is simply this. Anyone raised in a catholic household like I was knows that even devils were once angels and an “Anarchy Angel” is surely likely to become a devil…..right? I don’t know. That’s just my awkward, roundabout and overly complicated way of justifying the whole devil motif.

So yes…I am a little devil. 😉

I’m not submitting this just yet. I wanted to get some opinions first before I send it to MadJack. So…yes? No? Does it work?

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