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From the diary of Valius Marinus, dated to the 5 of Februarius
It was high noon on the sixth day of our travels, when we at last arrived at the Keep of iron.

Sitting there in the murky tide of the cold northern sea, the keep of iron rose up as tall as any tower in the south, with great stone walls fifty cubits high.

“Impressive is isn’t it? Valius.
The keeps built on a small rocky outcrop, and the waters only a cubit or two high at the most.
Still even after all these years, it makes me home sick for the lakes Korinth.”

Veiakere gestured at the high walls as we approached the stone walled octagonal lump.

Passing the iron portcullis, i found my self in circler courtyard with a second tower tower in the center.

It was more like a rusted brown lump than a building, it sat low to the ground.

“The proverbial keep of iron, strong hold and birth place of the iron league.
Now i should see you to the guest quarters.”
Uric pointed proudly at the metal tower as she spoke.

“Veiakere, take the nybegynner in side and ready the others it is time.
Oh and get Valius a good seat”…