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Necessary Information:

-The countries of Valara and Jutura are at war and have been for half a century. One hundred years prior to this, both countries were plunged into chaos by a being known as Silence, who used his powers to attempt a conquest of both lands, before he was stopped and imprisoned.

-In this world, magic exists. Known as Soul, this magic is divided into branches, based around elements. The branches are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Thunder, Ice, Light, Dark and Death (the banned branch). Most spells are of one branch, although some talented users can master what are known as Mixed Magic, which combines the attributes of two branches together to create a much more powerful spell. Users of Soul are known as Soul Wielders and are employed by the warring countries as elite soldiers. Soul Wielders are ranked by the level of spell they can accomplish, from Level 1 (simple and weak spells) to Level 5 (magics of destructive power equal to the most powerful non-magical weaponry). There is a sixth level, but this consists of spells that have been unmastered since their creation or are considered to dangerous to use, and are therefore banned.

-The most powerful spell known to have ever existed are known as The Truth. The Truth is an ancient magical spell, only produced once, which takes the form of a book. If a page of this book is read, it will give the reader the answer to any question they can think of. It was sealed away to prevent Silence from using its awesome power, its whereabouts lost in the chaos of his uprising.

– What is the Heartcore?

That is a good question…

To be continued.