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Welcome to the forums Mitch.

In addition to everything Funkmachine said, I’d also suggest two things.

First: Always keep in mind your colours. I’ve always said that the best costumes use 3 colours, 4 at most, plus hair and skin colour. It just makes the whole look more cohesive and together. Also, when doing backgrounds, look to colour it in a way that either complements the character or is neutral, but don’t use a colour that clashes (for example pink and orange) or re-use a colour that has already been used in the costume, because that just swamps the picture in one colour and makes it very hard to look at. Oh and never use two different colours on an item that doesn’t have a distinct place for them (such as the jeans on your clown character).

Second: Pay attention to details. Details can make or break a picture. Things like characters not having ears or missing feet under shoes are pretty basic mistakes that are easily avoidable when you take a second to just look and think “ok does everything look right here”. Then you have items that don’t quite match up, zombie skin tears that are coming away from the body or weapons not being held by the hands for example, which you can sort out with masking.

Good start for having only been ‘machining for three days.

Also, and I have to say this being a mod and all, please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already.