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The Osharimm

Tribe Color: Aqua

Tribe Insignia: Ouroburos

Name: Zenn
Age: 29 (In Human years)
Height: 6’1
Homeworld: Kaa
Occupation: Leader of The Osharimm , Agent of The Triumvirate
Affiliation(s): The Osharimm, The Triumvirate
Bio: Before The Triumvirate demanded The Nephilim pay them tribute, they approached another tribe first; The Osharimm. The Elders of The Osharimm outright refused, saying they had no compassion for the corrupt. But to refuse The Triumvirate is to sign your own death warrant. A master assassin called Zenn, along with a small group of TRI soldiers, slew the elders of The Osharimm and brainwashed the remainder of the tribespeople to their cause. With Zenn taking up leadership, he used his influence over the tribe to begin the systematic destruction and assimilation of all tribes who refuse The Triumvirate. Beginning with The Nephililm.

An Osharimm Warrior

An Osharimm Zerker (cybernetically-enhanced warriors who live to kill)

An Osharimm Overseer W/ Wikashi Beast