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Yes, I’m back again! This time with some stuff from the Overkillverse. Warring Tribes edition!

The Nephilim

Tribe Color: Violet

Tribe Insignia: Hound’s Head

Name: Kelaah
Age: ??? (Appears to be in Mid-20s)
Height: 5’4
Homeworld: Sanctum
Occupation: Leader of The Nephilim
Affiliation(s): The Nephilim
Bio:  The leader of The Nephilim, Kelaah is a beautiful, enigmatic woman whose true intentions are just as mysterious as she is. When her tribe was threatened by agents of The Triumvirate (Sanctum’s governing body) to pay tribute, she refused on the grounds that “Her tribe will not pay to corruption what was obtained with honesty.” That was when The Osharimm attacked. Despite age-old peace between all tribes, an all-out tribal war was sparked. Now labeled a rebel, Kelaah sought out another labeled a rebel for help. The one known as Overkill.

A Nephilim Warrior

A Nephilim Kou’Raathi (Giant of Death)

A Nephilim Beast Rider