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Welcome back.

As for the image posting there are two ways to do it. First, if you upload your pictures to any other sites as well (photo bucket, deviantart etc.) then you open the image in a new tab and copy the link into the Insert/ Edit Image box in the reply box (it’s the end icon that looks like a clip art of a mountain). The second, if you don’t upload anywhere else, is the Choose File option at the bottom of the reply box. It works pretty much the same as the old choose file method, only the picture isn’t pasted into the reply, it comes up at the bottom of the reply as an attachment. To get it in the reply you basically have to go through The second method to get the picture onto the forums, then open the image in a new tab, edit the reply and go through the first method. Bit silly I know, but not much we can do about it at the moment.

Hope this helps.