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Herr D

The Brothers Grimly Page 4 of 4

And Outside . . .

Abim stared at his black-and-white hand in disbelief. He would have sworn that was Zimme, somehow still alive in that little dollhouse replica of the hotel. He had reached in and smashed him and whatever he was holding and felt a massive wave of magic. Then the truth began to sink in. Somehow he had been protected when he had foolishly went backwards through the door, but then, one hand had been on the knot and one hand had touched the remote–

Somehow that had magnified his size, split his consciousness, and projected him outward, turning him black and white, like an old movie. He had reached in and smashed HIMSELF AND HIS OWN BELOVED LITTLE SISTER, after years of protection! He had to reverse this! He HAD to! He tried to draw on the power, and felt a stinging on his face. The power? Where was his power? Racking his brain, he tried to think of anything, ANYTHING to reverse what had happened, when he heard–

“–and that concludes the April Fool’s TV Favorites Scare-a-thon–”

In Room 104 . . .

Bob sighed as he turned off the television. Stage four liver cancer was no picnic, but he might have to rethink this ‘do till you die’ gig. He peered outside. The Contest must’ve been a dud this year. One smashed floor and a bunch of sparkling ash confetti settling to the ground? Looks like it’s more chemo on Monday, after all. He put down his soda and went to go get a broom . . .


“Brother Shaving by Nug” Only eyes and yellow background added. Used repeatedly.

“CantDraw’s Boarded Up Window” One board removed for context. Two versions created for context.

“Skoul’s Grave Prank” Background altered for context.

“Keric’s Dollhouse Library” ‘Verbatim.’

“Skoul’s Microscope” Background color and ‘prop’ added for context.

The ingozzonderable Mad Jack made a twisted-rope square knot featured in “Fetching Sister” by Herr D.