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Herr D

First of all, sorry everyone for being so far behind. When I’m done with my incorporative, I’ll post a link to the first block in this thread.

@Linea: Left on the list is:

1. a 3/4 view of a spaghetti Western town, suitable for dueling with one opponent standing far down the street.

2. a view of a pose of a male bending forward to look through a microscope

If you are more interested, alternate gifts to be called include any scene from the incorporative under construction on my thread that hasn’t been covered by gifts so far–take your time on those.  I’ll add that sort of thing in very late.

Or from you if you don’t like those? With your sense of soft color? A twilight sky with a few stars that Gonzo would “get lost in,” or a gem or prism splitting a ray of light against a cave wall, or an otherwise slack face in a dark place with wide eyes reflecting something glowing, like a treasure chest might, or a guttering lantern shining on snow? Take all the time you want if you choose one of those.