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I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself there. The colouring isn’t that bad, the only bit that really needs looking at is the cape, because the line colour needs to be darker (maybe go into custom colours for that bit). I’d also change the left hand, because it’s a right hand on a left arm (not much flexibility with the item choice there I’m afraid). Oh and maybe add a right ear, just peaking out from behind her hair? I can’t really comment on the skin shading on the face, because I suck at shading skin (as this weeks Character Building video proves).

But apart from that, I really like the background, I mean, I REALLY like the background. I love the fade to black in the top left corner, it looks so natural. Her expression and pose are pretty good as well, kinda sassy. So yeah, it’s not as bad as you think, you just need to make a few minor adjustments.