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Most of the characters I create are rather simplistic, because I’m the Game Master in a rather new campaign that needs filling with lots of villains, allies, and those in between. I haven’t had a chance lately to do anything on HeroMachine simply for the sake of playing with HeroMachine.

Here’s a villain that my fellow players will run into soon:

(Sorry it’s blurry; export never seems to work for me so I have to do a screen capture. The end result is that my images are always rather blurred.)

His name is Sunstrike and he’s got an axe to grind with one of the PCs.  Heatstroke, a character played by a member of our gaming group, has tremendous power. Yet he also struggles with insanity. His family has been plagued with these abilities for several generations, and the powers have been known to consume many of them. Heatstroke’s mother nearly killed all of her children when she started receiving psychic visions of her eldest son, Andrew (or “Sunstrike”), destroying entire worlds in a fit of rage. She went insane because of the horrors she could perceive and set fire to their house. Her husband separated their three children in hopes of protecting them from themselves and each other.

Sunstrike and Heatstroke haven’t seen each other since they were very young and are unaware that they are brothers. But the fact that their powers are remarkably similar will very likely arouse suspicions from both the PCs and the players.

I’m excited to see what they make of him. 🙂