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*Tugs at collar*
Hmm. well, yes, ahhh this is awkward, my crotch area seems to keep me in trouble with women’s husbands.

ok bad joke, anyways I added text as attachment in above post, so feel free to do with it as you will, be it use it, dissect it or simply awesomfy it.

I can definitely appreciate the work you put in, my characters went from a couple hours at most on HM2.5 to around 4 or so on HM3, to now 6-8 minimal. Two things that really sets the characters off are posing and shading, but the posing becomes more a hassle with every detail, and by the time shading comes up, I’m just done.

I ran through your thread and I have to say you’ve got some impressive works form posing to shading to character design.