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Knock yourself out. I would post the text, but it would probably be easier if you just start from scratch. I used a whole female body (arms and legs and all)… not much posing involved on my part on this. The outfit though… getting that just the way I wanted took a while.  Here is a save  starting out that shows alot of the insignias and whatnot i had to use to pull this off.

As you can tell at this point a lot of it still isn’t done, but this should give you a general idea of how much of a challenge this piece really was.

As far as her bikini line goes… I’m happy with it. It may be a little pg13, but sometimes a mom gotta be sexy too. 😉 The only thing i would possibly change is the shading, but everything I tried ended up making it look like she had a shiny hoo ha, or a hairy one.

I’d love to see what you come up with. Drop me a line when you’re done so I can check it out. ;D