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Mad Jack

Santa Swap gift for Keric: A character named ORION.

Orion for Keric
(click picture to see it in full size.)

Name: Orion Kinivos
Aliases: Orion
Age: 28 (-1064)
Alignment: Good
Associations: None


Born in 3078 on an artificial planetoid orbiting the red giant star Betelgeuse, Orion (named after his birth star system) was a lawkeeper and hunter who protected the colonists from earth and other worlds against the many dangerous and terrifying adventive beasts that roamed the savage jungles of Nova Chios.

But when he fell in love with Merope, the daughter of the colony’s chancellor Owen Pion, he was accused of rape by her father. As punishment he was blinded and banished from his homeworld. Seeking help and a cure for his blindness he traveled to Neos Olympia, home to the EOS Corporation – a multinational conglomerate that operates human colonies outside earth’s solar system for the purposes of commercial research and mining, often without regard for the lives of anyone involved in their endless pursuit of profits.

Here he was subjected by lead scientist Arja Temis to an experimental cybergenetic procedure involving nano technologies that enhanced his complete biological make-up beyond that of any known living being. Equipped with his new powers, Orion was then charged with leading a troop of Colonial Marines to explore a new detected planet in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Arriving on said alien planet, he found a tribe of sapient humanoids with a primeval and yet emotionally far advanced civilization living in harmony with nature, and soon learned the true secret mission of his unit: The conquest of the planet for predatory exploitation – even if it means the eradication of the native inhabitants.

Sympathizing with the natives, Orion revealed his change of allegiance when he attempted to sabotage his crews ship and weapons, but when trying to absorb the blast of an exploding annihilator bomb in the final battle for the planet, his energy absorbing abilites were overloaded and his body seemed to implode.

When Orion awoke, he found himself thrown centuries back in time to earth. Trying to settle into an irritating and both technologically and socially awful primitive environment, he now tries to prevent the rising of the EOS Corporation which has its roots in the beginning of the 21st century …


The cybergenetic procedure of EOS changed Orion’s entire physiology down to the genetic and cellular structure and provided him among other things with a supreme physical and mental condition far beyond that of a normal human being. He is faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to both humans and metahumans and has the ability to absorb virtually any type of energy and channel that energy to achieve various effects such as increasing his already enhanced physiology; generating light, heat, force, electricity and other forms of energy; gaining the capability of interstellar flight at sub-light speed; solidifying energy into force-fields; producing blasts from his hands as well as his eyes; obtaining the capability to siphon his opponents’ powers, making them temporarily unable to use them; and many more.