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Mad Jack

Santa Swap gift for CantDraw: A new Red Bat villain

Bateater for CantDraw


Bateater possesses certain unusual physical powers derived from his snake-like physiology. All of the bones in his body, including his skull, are malleable and his muscle tissue is exceedingly resilient, making his body very flexible and pliant. His flexibility enables him to slither into and out of very tight and small places and to wrap himself about a victim’s body in order to exert his full superhuman strength. He is capable of generating up to 125 pounds of pressure per square inch, which is enough force to crush both steel pipes up to 6 inches thick and normal human beings. Furthermore his jaws, which have the strength to deform soft iron, can dislocate far enough to fit a human head and his fangs produce a fast-acting poison that is of sufficient strength to be able to kill even superhuman victims.