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Mad Jack

A little tutorial to avoid extra long posts like those of Keric and Skoul:

When using a Windows PC:
1.) Open the Editor by clicking Start > Programs > Accessories > Editor
2.) Put your HM-Code via copy & paste into the now open window, then save it as a “txt” file somewhere on your computer where you can find it again later. (Maybe you can name the txt file the same as the corresponding image, but that’s up to you.)
3.) Now, when writing a post, simply upload this txt file the same way you upload an image.
4.) Done!

When using a Mac:
1.) Open TextEdit in the “Programs” folder or with Launchpad (OS X Lion und Mountain Lion)
2. – 4.) The same as under Windows…

Sorry for sounding like a smartass, but even if I’m gonna get on your bad side I’ve got to say that this scrolling for miles and miles to reach the next post is pretty annoying… 😉