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Mad Jack

-A better name for my half dragon/half man character.

Perhaps a bit unimaginative, but how about “Drake Malecor”?!

-A sidekick for my archer vigilante character

How about “Bowstring” (see attachments), an older character of mine?! I’ve revised since, but maybe you have use for this version. 😉

Name for a hero would be ‘Gavel.’

Beware the mighty Gavel! Yeah …, no. Sorry but that doesn’t sound much like something that’d give a hardboiled criminal the jitters… 😉

An unusual power “Tunnel Vision” […]

Now that sounds more like something I can play around with. Maybe more a “trouble” than a “gift”, but nevertheless very inspirational…

Happy thought: in theory, it is possible to make a working organ or harpsichord or xylophone from icicles. Imagine how interesting it would be to watch a musician see one of those for the first time before they even sit down to play, aching to try it out.

Now you depressed me even more. Just imagine how the musical instrument made from icicles starts to melt in the middle of a musicians magnum opus. Poor guy… 😉


1.Text for Background: 3/4 view of street from spaghetti western town. Long bit of street visible for dueling, just one participant will be much closer.
2. Text for Background: Interior library, neat.
3. Text for Background: Window boarded up in a rush, done badly on interior wall, bland olor, some bright blue sky visible outside.
4. Microscope on a table.
5. Man shaving in mirror.

Urk, now we have problem with the rules. I don’t see me doing any of those things since I suck with backgrounds and fancy poses. Maybe I’m gonna have a try on that microscope but better don’t expect a masterpiece… ^^

EDIT: Damn! Skoul beat me to it. What now?!

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