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Voor Skoul, een verhaal

“Stop looking at the camera. We’re meant to be shooting an action sequence not a documentary.”

“Sorry, I was just check to see if it was recording.”

“Well it is so just get into position and try to make it look like you’re actually a threat with that knife.

“So, just let me run through this whole thing again just so I’m clear. I’m meant to attack you with a knife, you disarm me, we have a fist fight, then when it looks like I’m going to beat you, you pull out a gun and shoot me?”

“That’s right.”

“Why wouldn’t you just pull out the gun in the first place?”

“Because it wouldn’t be a very good action sequence then. And anyway, I need 10 minutes of footage for my Media project.”

“*sigh* Fine. Where did you get the gun from anyway? It doesn’t look fake.”

“Oh, it’s my brothers. Don’t worry, I pretty sure he said there weren’t any bullets in it.”

“Ok well if you’re sure. Lets do it then”

“Ahhhh, watch what you’re doing with that thing. You actually cut me then.”

“Oh god sorry.”

“Maybe we can work it into the film somehow. Lets try again.”

*About an hour later*

“I’m sure you’ve got enough footage of the fist fight. Can we get onto the gun shot bit now?”

“K, just let me set the camera up for the close up. Ok, that should be good. Remember, hands up as if you’re about to grab me.”

“Got it. Go for it.”


“Oh sh….”