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Herr D

“Dude! Jerry was really something. He couldn’t talk right but invented stuff. He mixed up a cleaner for his brother that ate all the mold out of the building we used for the last two raves. Then that girl Tawny? She had a bad trip one night, and Jerry stopped eating his carrots and mixed something up and poured it into her nose. She didn’t just get better, dude–she doesn’t have asthma anymore. He said ‘keep inhaler, see doctor’ but I don’t know whether she did.

Tawny was really friendly with him after that. She was always telling him to not go outside without someone watching him–he got lost, you know? Then his brother told him he was bored with the drugs he knew; wanted something that would really make him more alive. Jerry always loved making his brother happy. Jerry just stood around, munchin’ on his carrots, fiddling with stuff for a couple days.

Jerry’s brother had a bad trip then. Said he saw Jerry’s dandruff crawling down the drain and Jerry missing. Some other dude said he saw Jerry runnin’ out into the woods sayin’ he was gonna pour a drug out in the snow. Who knows what he really meant. Tawny went lookin’ but all she found were some tracks. The cops came then and shut us down for a while . . . ”

*snowman contest: not sure it this really counts, but there are four and a ‘third’ snowmen in this picture.