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I highly doubt it.

First problem would be where would you hold it? Obviously, the majority of users are from America, but that doesn’t narrow it down much because you’ve got people living on opposite sides of the country, DiCicatriz lives in California, whilst Kaldath lives in New Jersey for example. Either one or both of them would have to go through the expense of cross country travel. Then you have those of us who don’t live in America, you yourself come from Australia I believe. That’s not going to be a cheap flight, I wouldn’t have thought. We’ve also got our Canadian friends, such as AMS, Myro and djuby, who, ok, do live only a country away, but that’s still gonna be a fair trip depending on where this meet-up would be being held. And of course you have all of us from Europe. Myself, Anarchangel, Trekkie and a few others all come from the U.K and Stulte is Swedish. Those travel expenses aren’t fun trust me.

It might be feasible if it happened alongside another bigger event, such as a convention or something (even though that’s more expense) because then we’d all be doing something rather than just meeting up.

But I would be lying if I said I hadn’t wished it would happen.