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Mad Jack

Hem …

I tried to start a new topic yesterday since I wanted to “close” this one and start over, but now I can’t find it anywhere. 🙁

I wanted to post a few pictures (4) with 525-578 kb each since it is stated below that the maximum file size allowed is 3000 KB. But when I submitted the post, I’ve got an error message and there were no attachments. But at least the topic itself showed up in the Art Gallery subforum.

Thus I tried to edit my post to include the images via linking to them on my own webspace which seemed to work fine in the preview. But when I saved the post, I saw a completely blank page. So now I tried to go back to the topic by looking again for it in the Art Gallery subforum, but it had vanished.

Weird thing is that when I had gone back to the general forums, the topic was listed as “newest post” but when I clicked it, the topic was empty. A few minutes later it was gone completely after someone elses topic was updated with a new post/reply.

Any ideas what happened here?! The only thing I can think of, is that the post I wanted to update was very long. But as far as I know there isn’t a limit on characters/words in one post, or is there? oO




Edit: Okay, looks like I found the problem – after several annoying, failed tries to start that topic. Seems like you (or at least I) can only post one outside-linked image in one post at once. The second I tried to post 4 images in it, the post in question disappeared. And since that post was the first one in the topic, that one also disappeared. Weird thing, but not the only weirdness in this new forum… -_-