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You don’t have to keep going back and adding new pictures to the same post you know. People usually do a post for each picture, or for each series of pictures if you have like a team or something

Yeah I know, but I find it annoying when I try to look through other peoples projects and I have to fish through 28 pages to find them all. I try to keep them all on the same page to make them all easier to find. I could always go back and rearrange them into whatever groups I may put them in.

Very cool and original stuff you have here! Very awesome considering you only started last night. A couple things I’d say, thought. First of all, I think you could shade (as Herr D said). Just use the thing you used for the sword, and change the side and color of it. It’s kind of hard to explain how to do, though, so just go look around the forums to see works others have done. One other thing, too. You may have wanted this, but I saw that the knees were blank on the guy on The Group. To do that, just put knee pads over it (unless you wanted it, of course). Otherwise, the rest you’ll learn from experience (well, the knee thing you probably would have, too). Great job so far!

The program is actually very easy to work with, time consuming but easy. But to be fair though, while I did intend to leave the character’s knees visible, it was only my second creation and I was more or less just messing around. In terms of shading.. I’m scared.

I have never really been good with shading, usually because I can’t figure out where I need to shade. I did read the first tutorial that one guy posted about shading, but as I said earlier I haven’t found parts 2 and 3 yet.

Oh and uh.. updated original post to include another picture: Ignastus

Edit: And yes, I intentionally left him without a mouth 🙂