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Wolf Master

Here are a couple new heroes.

First up is the crimson crusader. Early on as a child he took an interest in archery and became very good at it. At the of 10 he was county champion and by the age of 15 he was competing on a national level. But at the age of 21 he was framed for murder, he spent 5 years in jail before it was discovered that he did not commit the murder and the real killer was jailed. After this he decided that he was fed up with the injustice in the police force and first took up the mantle of the crimson crusader. For year he routed out corruption in the police force. Until eventually he was approached by the legendary legion, after he helped them fight a villain, he was offered membership which at first he declined but eventually he joined. His power is mild telekinesis which he means he can redirected and speed up his arrows which he only recently discovered, though he is incredibly fit and well trained in many fighting styles.

Meteor was a astronaut for a secret government space mission. But soon after leaving the atmosphere the ships systems failed and she was bombarded with a mysterious for of radiation. The ship fell back into orbit and landed in the ocean, she miraculously survived though she spent months in hospital. She soon after discovered that the radiation had given her powers and after seeing the legendary legion on TV she went to join them. Her powers allow her to propel herself at amazing speed, meaning she can fly and crash into people very hard without harming herself.

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