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I’m not sure if I’ve uploaded a picture of this character already, but it really doesn’t matter, since I’m re-doing her whole look. Here’s Brigrada Olldrijpar (pronounced brih-GRAH-dah ALL-dree-per), the High Jarl of Gondrogar. As this is an outline, I have yet to do patterns or shading, except to help with the placement of scales and splints in the finished product.

One thing I’m wondering how I should accomplish is how to add a scale pattern without making the surface appear darker than it should be; I’m a bit heavy-handed, and so pressing lightly with the pencil is hard for me, and using erasers to lighten the area tends to blur things a bit.

Another thing I’m wondering about is whether or not I should continue to use splints in her gauntlets. Originally, I considered her culture, which is aesthetically “barbarians from the north,” and I immediately thought of vikings; in trying to be accurate to that, I ended up asking online what an incredibly high-ranking viking warrior would wear for armor, and the most exceptional thing that was mentioned was “splint armor” (mail was also mentioned, but it didn’t seem “exceptional” enough). However, I was later reminded that this setting is one of my own creation, and now I’m trying to go less “strictly viking” and more “germanic barbarian in general” in terms of the armor she’d have access to. Any suggestions regarding that?

Continuing the theme of this character, I’m wondering how else I can tie in the theme of her clan without sacrificing function in her armor. The Olldrijpar clan prides itself on its members’ ability to take down any sort of dangerous beast, and so I decided to put the image of a bear’s face on the front, but should I do anything else?

Finally, I’m wondering about what I should do about her helmet and muzzle armor. Right now, the helmet looks too reminiscent of Darth Vader, and the muzzle armor looks like the grill of an old car. Any suggestions on what to do instead?

Any other suggestions are also welcome.

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