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Wolf Master

And here is some more new heroes.

First up is voodoo. While she was out on a journey in the middle east she came across a shaman. She had recently be robbed and was running low on funds so, being the only person she could find, she asked him for help. He agreed, but he was in fact tricking her. After she had spent the money he gave her, every time she tried to touch any more money it burnt her. Realizing that she had been cursed she went and found the shaman and smashed and orb from which he drew his power. As the orb shattered a dark cloud emerged and engulfed and suddenly she gained voodoo powers. She later on her travel came across the legendary legion fighting a villain so she decided to help. She later joined the team. Her power allow her to project energy blasts, see the future and control people. She is accompanied by a skull which contains an ancient daemon who swore to serve her as long as she lived to prevent its destruction.

Next up is Xodus. Very little is known about how he received his powers or what he did before joining the legendary legion because he is a very secretive person. He joined the legendary legion after he was kidnapped by a villain called lord bane who was trying to extract his powers. He can slow down time too as low as a tenth off its normal rate, during which his brain functions at normal speed though he can not moved faster than times current rate and he rewind time up to 2 weeks retain his current thought and memories. He is also a trained fighter.

Lastly is Shockwave. He was born with his powers though they lay dormant until he was aged 14, when in a fit of rage he destroyed his house and injured his family with his powers. He was sent to juvie then later re-homed with a former superhero who taught him to control his powers and his temper. When he met captain inferno after he was fighting a villain, he showed his powers to him and was the offered a place on the team. He became good friends with voodoo and the recently became romantically involved.

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