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Wolf Master

Next up in the world of super-heroism and devilish villainy is conscript a super solider from a distant post-apocalyptic future.

Conscript was born in the far future after much of earth was turned into a wasteland by violent chemical warfare. He was turned into a weapon by the last remains of any organised government to fight off ever growing extremist faction trying to take over territories. He used a device to travel back in time to follow one of the faction leader who planned to go back in time and change the future in his favor. He went back in time and thought this threat alongside the legendary legion. But his future had been destroyed leaving him with nowhere to go so he stayed and joined the legendary legion. Genetic engineering to turn him into a super-solider means he is super-strong, very agile, a great warrior and has limited healing abilities along with limited telepathic abilities. He is equipped with a time travel device, incredibly durable armour and a arsenal of futuristic weaponry.

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