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Well you may hae read elsewhere on the Blog or Forums, I recently was in the hospital.

Wed. Oct 22, 2014 After a meeting and a meal at IHOP, my BS  was 409 (I ate the chicken platter not a lot of sweet pancakes and syrup, but had an infection so no matter what I ate my BS  went sky high)  My chest was hurting before I got home, I took my insulin, but it was too late and I had to take a nitro, pain was going down my arm so I took a second, then a third at which point we called 911.

Once at the hospital my test came back my heart enzymes were raised so I had to stay

Next day I had dialysis at hospital.

Friday was a cardiac cath to check out my heart.

This stressed me out cause I don’t lay flat well at all.

I actually had a heart attack in recovery, Once I was back under control, I learned I had three major arteries that were 75 -90% blocked..

Next day was dialysis again. The thing about dialysis in a hospital, I am supposed to run 4 1/2 hours but they only do 3 1/2-4 hours so they didn’t take off all the excess fluid I had on me any of the days I was in…

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014 I had a triple bypass.

I did OK. I didn’t freak too much with the respirator tube down me, but poor Adam, my recovery nurse had to hold my had like 30 minutes or so took keep keep me fromea fraking too much. Didn’t hurt he was cute and really nice. I wanted out of tht bed and sitting up almost immediately, I felt like I was breaking in half. They had me wait another hour but as soon as I could they let me sit up. It felt SO much better.

Needless to say on morphine I don’t remember a lot after that. I had dialysis again on Wed and Sat. was up and walking around pretty quick. I only got back in bed for dialysis, and even slept in the recliner while living on the Game Show Network. Match Game is still my favorite..

Monday. Nov 3rd I was released from the Hospital after dialysis.

Everyone says I am healing well and pretty quick.

So all those good wishes, energy and prayers are greatly appreciated.