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Well, it’s time to resurrect Sumina-verse. I’m nixing the Dagon story line but I am starting where Nimu comes back to Sumina after working with Red Bat. I’m actually thinking of writing some stories and submitting them in that other section of HM that I never go…I’m scared.

Anyway, we pick up with Nimu mysteriously and suddenly returning to Sumina sans clothes and sword (because dimensional travel will do that). She discovers that she can’t access the Golden Power and her sister Galinda is alive ruling the land again. However, her powers are different and she’s considered a great sorceress. Sadly, no one has any memories of the war with Black Dragon or that Galinda ever had a sister.

Nimu discovers the Three Witches who send her on a quest to find the Golden Land. Here is a picture of Galinda in her queenly attire:

Queen Galinda

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