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Name: Warhawk
Age: 33
Height: 6’6 (in suit) 6’1 (actual height)
Powers/Abilities: Weaponized High-Tech Exo-Suit (grants Flight, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed; contains a Self-Contained Life-Support System, Repulsor Rays)
Equipment: Retractable forearm-mounted machine-guns, Retractable shoulder-mounted self-guided missiles
Alignment: Hero

One of the two remaining Talon Corps members, Derek Lincoln AKA Warhawk is the one of the founding members of ORION and the leader of the organization. Strong-willed, good-natured, and tough, Warhawk, along with fellow founding members The Spirit, and Brimstone, spearheaded the fight against crime and the international terrorist organization CHIMERA. Recently, Warhawk has found himself in the crosshairs of his former friend and Talon Corps ally, Stormraven, who has taken to hunting down heroes for CHIMERA.


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