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Wolf Master

Ok here is my most recent creation Iron Titan. I thought i would try doing a significant amount of shading on his armour, it needs improvement but overall im quite pleased with the result.

Ivan Rasputin migrated to from his homeland when he was 12 with his father. He joined a secondary school but found it difficult to make friends because off his difficulty in speaking complete English, but he soon became good friends with a boy called Samuel Jacobson, who later became the superhero blitz. After discovering that Sam was a superhero he pledged to help and got Blitz to design him a suit of Armour. He has fought as part of the legendary legion since. His Armour increases his strength, has built in thrusters, is resistant to most forms of damage and can project energy blasts. He was seriously injured when fighting the overseer and has yet to return to the legendary legion.

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