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Hey dblade! Been a while, awesome work with the items, your really doing an amazing job, im sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for taking your own time to give us new items and prizes for the contests.

On that note I havnt won anything and im not asking or expecting an item but I had a break from the forums here after my creators block hit me hard and I had noticed some items that would be of some benefit so if you ever feel like tackling one just for the heck of it, or if one of you great contest winners cant think of anything maybe youll like something I thought of.

– Hairy Sasquatch body (I know, large body, hopefully its something youd consider)

– Clown Mask

– Roman/Greek sandals (female foot has it but male doesnt)

– Vines and vegetation on the body (Like the hair we can add, page 5 – item 3)

– Spandex styles (More designs and shapes for extra customization)


And as I must leave for work thats all I can put down for now. Cheers