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And what happened to their mentors? MAMA, BEAR, and CUB were all pretty advanced in age when Spectrum was formed…

HAROLD (BEAR) and ARNOLD (CUB): Their regenerative abilities had staved off old age for a long time, but eventually the pair began to grow old. They had twenty more years together before Arnold passed away. Shortly thereafter Harold lost his will to live, became enfeebled. As his vitality left him and he neared his end, the deity that had empowered him, the divine bear Kodiak, reached out to him. Kodiak wished to rest, to enter a deep cosmic hibernation and sleep the sleep of gods. He offered Harold the opportunity to replace him. Harold refused, hoping to be reunited with Arnold in the afterlife. Kodiak reached into the beyond and retrieved Arnold’s soul, granting him divinity as the Bear’s herald. Secure that he and Arnold could spend eternity together, Harold passed on. As his mortal body failed, his soul transformed into a massive ursine figure. He was the Divine Bear, and Arnold was his Herald.

MAMA – ROSEMARY: After being injured by a sniper round when the team confronted the Anarqueers, Rosemary’s body had entered a regenerative state and de-aged approximately 30 years. She had aged normally since then and wouldn’t have reached her time of passing quite yet, but during the ET incident she was forced to use her abilities to their utmost capacity and burned away her physical body. She was thought lost, but Rosemary had in fact been able to hold her consciousness together through sheer force of will and she re-made her physical body from the elements themselves, and continues her adventures with Spectrum as a pure elemental being.