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Last two of the younger (well not in this case) crowd.

SAFEZONE – HEATHER: Retired from superheroics after the ET incident, but still wanted to dedicate her life to helping people. She became a police officer, part of a special task force on posthumans. Eventually she worked her way to being a top-level federal investigator and is the head of the US Governments Bureau of Posthuman Affairs. In her position, she has encountered young posthumans in need of guidance, and has had the opportunity to send them into Spectrum’s custody.


APERTURE – YRYS: Initially after the ET incident, YRYS struck out on his own as a street level vigilante. He worked closely with Heather on a number of cases as she moved up in the force. Eventually after years of seeing each other off and on, the pair married. Yrys chose to stay at home and act as primary caregiver to their children. He modeled occasionally for Lex’s brand, more and more as the kids got older.

And they’re two precocious little young’uns.

MICHAEL: 19-year-old son of Yyrs and Heather. He was born with Yrys’s ultra pale complexion and physical enhancements, but hasn’t displayed any other posthuman talents. A bit rebellious, he resents his parents preoccupation with helping others when he himself was neglected as a child due to their superheroics.


MAYRA: 16-year-old daughter of Yrys and Heather. She has her father’s unorthodox hairstyle, but her mother’s complexion. She has displayed the ability to project the same energy that composes her mother’s shields, but in a much more volatile state, explosive, unwieldy. Yrys helps her train to channel these energies and control her posthuman abilities. They have a very close bond because of this, something her brother resents.