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And now for the retired members of Spectrum. How exactly does one keep busy after a life of superheroics?

QUANDARY – ABIGAIL: When the alien being Nehyut abducted her and used her as a telepathic weapon, broadcasting her telepathic energy on a global scale, it damaged Abi’s mind and took a terrible toll on her body. Since then she has been unfit for active duty and has spent most of her time in recovery. Padma cared for her a great deal, and Abi stays close to her, an important leader in her movement.

META  – PADMA: Retired after the ET incident to focus on her spirituality. She’s become somewhat of a philosophical figure, founding a non-denominational pseudo-religious movement, all about awakening the potential within yourself to be free of the physical confines of existence.

PUTO – XIMENO: After the extreme use of his abilities following the ET incident, Ximeno’s body began to give off a constant, blinding, phosphorescent glow. He retired from superheroics, and decided to stick with what came naturally to him. Ximeno became one of the top earning porn stars in history, eventually earning enough to found his own studio. He occasionally models Lex’s clothing alongside Yrys.

STONEWALL – LEX: Lex retired from superheroics after the ET Incident. Since then ze became a successful self-taught fashion designer, using zir fame as a former member of Spectrum to build a fashion empire. Ze specializes in gender-neutral clothing, to be worn by both genders and those who exist outside of the binary.