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Wolf Master

Ok got a few new creations to show.

First up is The Remnant. One time this creatures host was alive and fully human. She was an archaeologist exploring deep catacombs in Egypt when she came across a golden tablet with a skull engraved in it. It fascinated here and she reached to pick it up out of the dirt. As she touched a dark cloud rose out of it and forced its way into here eyes and down her throat.  The crackling of bone could be heard as here teeth began to protrude and lengthen, bony spikes tore out of her arms, she grew claws,  her eyes turned red and glowing and her skin lost all it colour. Immediately the creature sought out prey making its way to the nearest village and tearing apart all its residents. The creature is incredibly strong and fast, has razor sharp teeth and claws, is virtually invulnerable and has an uncontrollable blood lust. It eventually escaped Africa and came into conflict with the legendary legion, in the end being killed by zealot. But the beast has left its host and returned to its tablet waiting for the next unlucky explorer.

Next is The Magician a criminal with magical talents.   He can teleport, fire energy out of his cane and create illusions. He is a small time villain having only occasionally come into conflict with heroes, mainly just performing small time robberies.  Though his power are gradually strengthening.

Dusk is the first member of the British superhero team the Crusaders. He is the team leader. His powers mean he can manipulate shadows and conceal himself. He was born with his powers but is still learning to control them completely. The team was  formed when he saved a wealthy old man was being mugged by a super powered gang. In the news he was portrayed as a criminal being reckless and putting the mans life in danger. Bu the old man new this wasn’t true and released how the public feared those gifted with superpowers so he decided to create a refuge for super powered individual and to fund them as heroes so he seeked out super powered individuals and they formed a team that he called the crusaders.

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