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Blue Blazer

Alias: Freefall
Real Name: Dave Madison
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: gravitokinesis
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: advanced tech visor
Affiliations: Dynamos Alpha Red Team
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Dave’s parents saw very early in his childhood that he was born a mutant. He seemed to possess the ability to mentally control the effects of gravity on objects and people, making them heavy enough to crash through the second floor and into the first, or lighter than air.

They were not ashamed of their son, but they knew the world would not be understanding, so they researched extensively until they finally discovered a suitable place for him.

When Dave was 5, he was sent to live at Power House. This facility, masked as a normal boarding school/orphanage, was a place where children with superpowers could go to learn to control their mutations while getting an education.

Dave grew up relatively happy at Power House. His parents visited him every weekend, and he soon learned how to control his gravitokinesis. When he was 14, though it was uncustomary, he was taken out of Power House and placed into a normal high school. That was where he met Veronica Gables. The two knew instantly that there was chemistry between them, and began dating. They confessed to each other that they both had superpowers, which only helped to strengthen their love for each other.

After he graduated, Dave tried going to community college, but felt unsatisfied in a classroom. When Veronica graduated 2 years later, they decided to put their abilities to good use, and became a crime fighting couple. Dave took the alias Freefall. Their chemistry made them a very effective team, and they soon became known around Ford City as quite formidable heroes.

Tragedy struck one day when a dastardly group of X-13 villains, the Terrible Ten, attacked the city. Though the ten were defeated by Dave, Veronica, and several other superheroes, Dave was stricken blind by a blast of light from the sinister Luminus.

A few months later, the couple was approached by the hero Shield and offered positions on the Dynamos Alpha Red Team. Dave was given a visor which was hyper-sensitive to sound, and allowed him to “see” well enough to continue his life as a crime fighter.