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Wolf Master

Next up from the realm of Asgard is Baldr the god of light and purity,son of Odin and Frigg. When the gods came to earth and saw the war going on many suggest they go home and not get involved and others even suggest attacking mankind but Baldr couldn’t stand by and what as innocent people died. He was the first to go into battle to aid them and help convince Odin that helping them was the right thing too do. As most asgardian went home after sighing the treaty, he decide to stay on earth at mankind’s side and joined the legendary legion. He has the chracteristics of super strength and virtual immortality like most gods but he also can generate light and fire blast as well as having an extraordinary sense of morality and justice. He is the main peacekeeper between Asgard and earth during disagreements.

Also is Nightingale a member of the night watch. She was a reporter for a time but after seeing the evil in her city she decided to fight crime using the power she was born with. She became a hero 2 years before the formation of the night watch and joined soon after its creation. She has super heightened sense which she can focus on specific targets and she is naturally gifted fighter who has already mastered most fighting techniques. She is romantically involved with grenadier.

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