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@ Nug
Thank’s, man! Tell you what, you’re ever in Sweden I’ll buy you a beer and some Präst cheese 🙂

@ cliff
Wow. Thank’s man, I don’t really know how to respond to that except that you totally made my night tonight. You are not just an awesome Machiner, but an awesome human being as well.

Oh, and go ahead and steal that “hood for lower robe”-idea. I’m 93 % sure I stole it, myself.

@ Nug
Err… Yeah, that was totally intentional. Definitely.

@ Wolf Master
Heh, thanks a lot. I’ve gotta admit I kinda pulled the idea of Astral decay out of my ass.

Me, writing:

“Okay, so they date the slab to 70 000 BC using carbon dating.
Wait do they even know of carbon dating? Wait, does carbon dating even work on rocks?”

*Spends an hour reading about archaeological dating methodology on Wikipedia.”

“You know what, screw it, I’m just gonna say it’s magic, or whatever.”


Anyway, thanks for commenting, guys!

Here’s a self portrait I made.