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Wolf Master

Before i post some more norse gods though here are a few of my less godly creations.

First up is Analysis. As a child she was a computer genius, she built her first computer aged six and managed to bypass international firewall when she was a teen, though she did this for fun and never stole any classified data. As a adult she started a computer company at the forefront of the market. She was involved in a project to link the human mind to computer and volunteered as a test subject. Out of 50 subject she was the only success. She could use her mind to link up to computer networks, control linked devices and could search the internet without even using a computer. She later developed the ability to project holograms. After releasing the potential power of what she had created she shut down the project and deleted all data on it. Her company soon after went bust as investor pulled out after the elimination her most revolutionary project. She later joined the legendary legion and is a valuable member of the team though she rarely gets involved in field work.

Next is surge a villain with the power to turn his body into pure energy, in this form he can teleport short distances and is extremely powerful. Though he has to charge up his powers and this process can be interrupted leaving him vulnerable. It is unknown how he received is powers as is his real identity. He recently joined up with other villains to form the evil organisation the black syndicate.

And finally is Shadestalker. This hero is a mystery, nobody know his real identity and though working with both the night watch and the legendary legion he has no long term commitments to either team. Shadestalker is at the peak of human fitness, His cape allows him to glide long distance and his gloves have claw that can also generate electric pulses. It is unknown if he has any true super power but he is very stealth and often appears from the shadow without warning. His secretive nature has brought him into conflict with several heroes.

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